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News of the Week Top 5; March 4, 2015

News of the Week Top 5; March 4, 2015

1. Bring on the lawsuits—FCC chairman says net neutrality will survive: Tom Wheeler confident his net neutrality order will withstand court challenge. 2. Don’t Go Changing: The Canadian Broadcaster Fight Against Legal and Regulatory Reform (Michael Geist) 3. Storytelling In The Digital Media Age 4. Why Hollywood Refuses to Embrace Diversity — Even Though It Makes More Money 5. ‘Pics […]

Trademarks and Sweet Treats

In earlier classes, the lack of copyright protection for chef creations such as signature dishes or recipes themselves was mentioned. Trademarks, on the other hand, offer some limited IP protections for names of particular dishes. A Toronto bakery called Dufflet which sells ‘cakelets’, which are noted for their size (being slightly smaller than a traditional […]