One of the constructs around which this course is built is that creativity is almost always a collaborative process (whether seen or understood as one, or not). Accordingly it should be no surprise that a significant group of people have direct influence on the creation and evolution of “Legal Constraints on (Digital) Creativity”. The order which follows is more or less chronological (& will be updated):

During our very first meeting, Richard Smith, Director of the Centre for Digital Media asked me what course I most wanted to teach. Not expecting the question, the words “Digital Ethics” came blurting out of my mouth. Dr. Smith asked me to prepare a course outline for such a course (which he actually got approved). That course outline in many ways is the genesis of this effort. There is much that I have to be thankful to Richard for, and  this story captures only a small part.

Am deeply grateful to Associate Dean Benjamin Goold of UBC’s Allard School of Law. His support and encouragement for the creation of this course has given it the life which manifests on these page. Ben’s faith, kindness and good humour remain as awe inspiring as ever.

This website was entirely built by me…as I have been only too happy to tell absolutely everyone I know. That is of course only a tiny part of the story. The fact that someone as bereft of technical skills as I could build my first-time ever website is entirely a testament to the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology. CTLT have built a UBC CMS WordPress backend that is amazingly simple, intuitive and complete. In building and coaching me to maintain the Video Game Law site Novak Rogic, Will Engle, Enej Bajgoric and Devindra Payment have given me the confidence and tools to create this one.

Larry Bafia, Patrick Pennefather and George Johnson of the Centre for Digital Media are invaluable colleagues whose teaching lives are dedicated to the creativity of their students. I have learned much from them.

Dr. Kimberly Voll of the CDM is a superb academic, computer scientist and artist. Her work sits at the precise nexus point of the creative and the digital. Moreover her friendship, dedication and hard work are inspirational.

There are a number of people who have over the years directly shaped my understanding of creativity (whether they know it or not). They are Cameron Bell, Susanne Boyce, Adam Bullied, James Duthie, Ivan Fecan, Gowan Guest, Q.C., Mike Hall, Kevin Kinghorn, Prof. Ira Nadel, Allan Switzer & Alice Trachimovsky.

For me, as always, everything begins and comes back to Corinne and our children Jeremy, Dara & Avrel.

Apologies to all I have missed.