1. Creative Models & Community Constraints (extra-legal)


Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from (TedTalks)


Johanna Blakely: Lessons from fashion’s free culture (TedTalks)


William Fisher, Copyright Spring 2013: Special Event 3, Extralegal Norms (HLS)


William Fisher, Copyright Spring 2013: Event 4, Appropriation Art (HLS)


William Fisher, Copyright Spring 2013: Event 5, Free Culture (HLS)


Amanda Palmer: The art of asking (TedTalks)



2. Technological Constraints


Everything Is A Remix (Full Film)


Everything Is A Remix (TedTalks)



3. Copyright & Remixing


Elisa Kreisinger on Fair Use(r): Art and Copyright Online (Berkman)


Bruce Springsteen, Keynote SXSW 2012


William Fisher, Copyright Spring 2013: Special Event 1, The Interests of Authors (HLS)


William Fisher, Copyright Spring 2013: Special Event 2, IP Protection for Fashion (HLS)


Andy Baio on Remix Law From a Creators Perspective



4. Trademarks, Patents & the IP Business 


Larry Lessig: Laws that choke creativity (TedTalks)


Intellectual Property: Property Right or Government Regulation (Stanford Law School Debate between Prof. Mark Lemley & Prof. Adam Mossoff)


How Patent Trolls Kill Innovation (Reason TV)



5. Contractual & Corporate Constraints


Across Three Continents: A Tale of Tumblr, Copyright, and Excellent Posters (vlogbrothers)



6. Privacy, Defamation, & Personality Law  

7. Industry & Medium Regulation 

8. Consumer Law Constraints (advertising regulation; apprehension of physical or psychological harm)

9. Corporate/Tax/Currency/Gambling Law & Regulation

10. Criminal & Obscenity Laws


Free as in Sexist? The Gender Gap in Free Culture – A Lecture by Joseph Reagle



11. Internet Governance & Surveillance


Ai Weiwei does Gangnam Style


Jonathan Zittrain on Memes & Society (Berkman Center)


Jonathan Zittrain on Reconciling a Global Internet and Local Law


Pranesh Prakash of the Center for Internet and Society on the WIPO Treaty for the Blind


Anil Dash: The Web We Lost (Berkman Center)


Douglas Rushkoff on Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now


Location Tracking and Biometrics Conference (Yale Law School Information Society Project) – begins at 38:28

This conference took place on March 3, 2013. Judges, policymakers, practitioners, academics, and others looked to the future after the SCOTUS decision in U.S. v. Jones dealing with the constitutionality of GPS-tracking vehicles without a warrant. Panels: 38:28 – 2:33:30; 3:03:40 – 4:35:30; 6:01:25 – 7:12:20; 7:31:48 – 9:05:28; 9:12:30 – 9:35:45.



12. Digital Ethics – A Modest Redefinition


Lawrence Lessig, Aaron’s Laws: Law and Justice in a Digital Age

Molly Crabapple on Art in the Age of the Ubiquitous Image