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Class 12 Slides; March 31, 2015

Class 12 Slides; March 31, 2015

Here they are…  jon

Facebook is at it again…

Seems Facebook can’t get away from egregious violations of privacy rights…the latest news indicating that their use of tracking cookies which send them data about your use of websites that carry the facebook “like” button (common on news sites, blogs, etc.) regardless of whether you’re a facebook user or have opted out of tracking. Apparently […]

This week in law – 297

Great discussion this week on TWIN, especially about copyright, moral rights, and the impact on cultural ‘raw materials’ for creators.

Data in Constructive Trust

For tomorrow’s class, I will be discussing the possibility of constructive trusts as a means to remedy the misuse of personal information. Here is an optional article for you to read. The essay argues that a new common law tort called the ‘misuse of personal information’ should be introduced in the U.K., based on their […]

News of the Week Top 5; April 25, 2015

News of the Week Top 5; April 25, 2015

1. Bell’s Crull Banned CRTC Chair Blais From CTV News Coverage Following TalkTV Decision 2. The new authoritarianism (Sergi Guriev & Daniel Treisman) 3. Russia Will Deploy “Digital Fingerprinting” to Enforce Copyright Online 4. Canadian Bar Association condemns Harper’s anti-terror bill: The group representing law professionals argues the bill’s “vague and overly broad language” could chill expressions of dissent. […]

Prezi Presentation on Derivative Works

As requested, this is my presentation on Derivative Works. Thank you for all your comments and participation in the discussion!

Presentation Slides – Internet/Video Game Addiction – March 24

Hi all, Thank you for your interesting comments and questions during my presentation yesterday! Here is a copy of the slides if anyone is interested. Also additional feedback/ideas/comments are very welcome, feel free to post below! Presentation – Video Game Addiction Laura

Class 10 & 11 Slides; March 17 & 24, 2015

Class 10 & 11 Slides; March 17 & 24, 2015

Here they are in combined form. jon

Gamification Sucks?

On the topic of gamification of non-gaming industries (i.e. the adoption of game features such as scoring, badges, levelling, etc.) this is a very interesting speech by game designer Stephanie Morgan on why gamification is not necessarily effective or beneficial as it is currently being adopted –>

Internet and Gaming Addictions and the Technology that Drives them

For tomorrow’s class I will be presenting on the issue of internet addiction with a focus on addiction to online games. If you have a chance, please check out the following links prior to the presentation (or after if you don’t have a chance before!). The video in particular is a bit long (1hr 30) but […]