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Proposed change to federal copyright law

The federal budget, in a section entitled “celebrating our heritage,” proposes to make some changes to the Copyright Act by extending the copyright term to sound recordings and performances for an additional 20 years. Many fear that these changes will undo the 2012 legislative amendments and restrict artistic freedom. Some have been quick to point […]

News of the Week Top 5; April 15, 2015

News of the Week Top 5; April 15, 2015

1. Photos secretly taken of family through window are art, not invasion of privacy: court 2. Court Adds Much-Needed Element Of Malice To Nova Scotia’s Terrible Cyberbullying Law   3. EFF Successfully Challenges Key Claims in “Podcasting Patent” 4. Russia’s Internet censor reminds citizens that some memes are illegal 5. Apple and the Self-Surveillance State (Paul Krugman) jon