March 17 Discussion

Next week, we will be looking at how practices of big corporations today may affect creativity. To facilitate the discussion, I would like to ask you to complete a very short questionnaire (only 2 questions) at: If possible, please complete the questionnaire by Saturday, March 14 (it should only take 5 minutes max). Thanks!  

Violation of privacy by government

In class today Jon mentioned one study showing that people now trust their own judgment (online search engine) more than traditional media. I came across with two articles with different views on violation of privacy by the government. We can exercise our own judgment and see which one we agree with more. In the first […]

Combating online harassment

Combating online harassment

Came across with this piece relevant to our discussion on online harassment today: Based on this article, it seems that government intervention may not be a good solution to this problem. The author states that many states (in the US) already have laws that apply to some forms of online harassment, however enforcement is […]