Creativity Without Law

This is a webcast of a conference that took place this past November entitled “Creativity Without Law”, co-sponsored by the Harvard Berkman Center:

The event will focus on the growing body of scholarship examining the on-the-ground practices of creators and innovators. That scholarship challenges intellectual property orthodoxy by suggesting that incentives for creative production often exist in the absence of, or in disregard for, formal legal protections. Instead, many communities rely on evolving social norms and market responses to ensure creative incentives. From tattoo artists to medical researchers, Nigerian filmmakers to roller derby players, these communities demonstrate how creativity can thrive without legal incentives, and perhaps more strikingly, that some creative communities prefer self regulation to law. We will consider both the merits and limitations of this line of research. We expect the conference to offer important practical insights for lawyers who represent clients in creative fields, helping them understand doctrinal limits on IP protection as well as the non legal considerations that shape client motivations, expectations, and business decisions.

Thought it may help inspire some presentation/paper ideas.



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