Getting Personal

Even at this very early stage it is becoming very clear that building this course in the open is going to make this website far more personal then the website for Video Game Law (which I about to teach for the 7th time). That site is meant for students to explore academic territories and materials as well as interact through them.

This project, at its current stage is very different. It is not a course but a course to be, which therefore carries with it some unusual challenges.

It’s a well worn cliche to say that as educators we learn from teaching. This website is a reminder that I am a student again, truly seeking to learn. It looms as reminder that there are hard subjects to think about, a syllabus to develop and course that, ultimately, will be taught. And like so many students everywhere I walk in with less then fully conscious views, biases and pre-dispositions that could be laid bare in the process. It may be a virtue of digital creativity that tools which reward reflection and tools that reward the opposite are both available, with forms of creativity to be found in either place.





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