Online Monitoring

We’ve been hearing for a long time about NSA surveillance online. Turns out, our own CSE was at it as well. Not so much a constraint on online creativity, but certainly the monitoring of online creativity.


2 responses to “Online Monitoring”

  1. Jon Festinger

    Monitoring of on-line creativity does seem, intentionally or not, to constitute a constraint on creativity. See

  2. Ryan Vogt

    There’s a certain comically ridiculous irony to the fact that when you made the above comment, Jon, I was automatically emailed a message providing me with:

    – A notification that you made your comment (no problem here);
    – The IP address (presumably of your home machine, since it’s Sunday) from which you made this comment; and,
    – The reverse DNS lookup* of the IP address from which you made this comment, from which I can see who your (presumably home) ISP is.

    *Note: I could have easily done the reverse lookup myself given the IP, but I guess the comment system just wanted to make it more convenient for me, or something like that.

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